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"In The Spotlight" Women United Art Magazine, Issue IV, Summer 2023

Photo of a blue, black and white abstract painting and an interview with Kim Knoll in text



I'm honored to be selected and "In The Spotlight" for Women United Art Magazine's Summer 2023 issue, alongside so many great artists. Keep reading to see my interview.

How would you describe your artistic evolution?

Early on, I embraced technology as a tool for artistic expression and forged a path and career in graphic design. As time behind the screen progressed, I grew more and more of a desire to step away from perfecting pixels and start working with my hands. I took up painting as a personal project and enjoyed the messiness and humanness that it provides. Painting gradually turned into my full-time focus, but my background in graphic design still heavily influences my creative process and expression today.

If you look at my earlier paintings, you’ll see that I was much more rigid and controlling with my techniques and expression. I’m still rigid, haha, but over time I have relaxed a lot and I think it shows in my current work. Maybe it’s because I feel more comfortable and confident with painting, or maybe my true self is starting to show through.


What impact are you hoping to have in the art world through your work?

I’m hoping to bring a different perspective. One that blends technology with tradition, perfectionism with humanism, and whimsy with structure. I want to show the beauty in simplicity and imperfection; to provide something that feels familiar, yet unexpected.


What would you say is the crucial element of any artist’s journey – talent or practice?

I think there are two crucial elements—individuality and curiosity.

Individuality is to look inside yourself for inspiration; asking the hard questions in order to dig deep and uncover your own perspective to share with the world. Looking to others too much for inspiration can lead to comparison and confusion, which only sets us up for failure. Comparison can knock us down mentally and confusion can make us feel lost.

Curiosity is what drives exploration and motivation. It’s what fuels our interest and excitement for creating, and pushes us past our comfort zone to explore new ideas, techniques and mediums. Curiosity inspires us to evolve and adapt over time. It leads to the exploration of uncharted territories, the discovery of new art movements, and the development of innovative techniques. Without curiosity, the art world wouldn’t exist.


What do we, as a society, need to do to minimize the gender gap in the art world?

On a societal level, we need to raise awareness, foster education, and challenge common stereotypes and biases, specifically in art criticism and curation. We need to advocate for equal access to funding, grants, residencies, and other resources for artists of all genders, and encourage policy changes and institutional reforms that promote fair hiring practices, representation, and funding distribution. And last but definitely not least, we need to encourage a diverse representation of artists in exhibitions, galleries, museums and art publications; providing platforms and opportunities for artists of all genders to showcase their work and amplify their voices.



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