Kim Knoll x The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

Kim Knoll x The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

Image above via The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

The Ritz-Carlton just launched a new Yacht Collection and they commissioned 132 paintings from me for the first yacht, Evrima, which had its maiden voyage on October 15 from Barcelona to Nice, France. Evrima is the first of three luxury yachts for The Ritz-Carlton, offering unique voyages and curated experiences that explore hidden coves and charming towns for 298 passengers. Keep reading to see all the work that went into this project and some behind-the-scenes…


The Signature Suites

56 prints of "Asleep in the Sun" and "Lake in the Mountains" were made for Evrima's Signature Suites, but with a twist. I added a hand-painted layer of sapphire blue on each print to make them unique and tie the color story of the artwork into the interior even more. A couple of the hybrid paintings that were made for The Signature Suites are shown below.

Lake in the Mountains art print

Artwork on wall upon entrance to hotel room

Image above via The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

Asleep in the Sun art print

Artwork on dining room wall in hotel room

Image above via The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

Behind The Scenes

Lake in the Mountains in progress
Blue paint being brushed onto Lake in the Mountains
Lake in the Mountains painting

Asleep in the Sun art prints in progress

Asleep in the Sun art print


The Terrace Suites

Other paintings with hand-painted layers were also done for the Terrace Suites on board. In total, there are 24 variations of "Crossing Over", 25 variations of "Cave in the Mountains" and 25 variations of "Skipping Stones" all at the size 26 x 40". 


Skipping Stones art print

Skipping Stones in The Terrace Suites

Image above via The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

Crossing Over art print

Cave in the Mountains art print by Kim Knoll for The Evrima Yacht

Behind The Scenes

Making gold lines on a paintingCrossing Over painting close up

Painting Crossing Over art printSkipping Stones art print

17 Cave in the Mountains art prints laying on the floor drying 

The Boutique

The Ritz-Carlton commissioned a 16” x 12" limited-edition painting (shown below) exclusive to Evrima that guests can purchase from the yacht's boutique to take home. Using acrylic and paint markers to create “Drifting”, I was inspired by the calm feeling of drifting on water—the motion of rising and falling, the soft waves, and the deep blue waters of the sea. A custom-made blind emboss is imprinted on each artwork that houses my signature and the edition number in pencil. A certificate of authenticity and my artist statement about the painting is included with each one. There are a total of 199 prints in the edition.


Drifting Limited Edition Art Print by Kim Knoll for The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection


Close up of Limited Edition stamp on art print by Kim Knoll


Behind The Scenes

Kim Knoll working on Drifting art print

Drifting painting in progressStamping the painting with the blind emboss tool 

Drifting artist statement on top of the painting

The Living Room

Evrima's Living Room is a cocktail lounge with a piano bar, dancing and live music in the evening, making it one of the most popular spaces onboard. The original painting shown below was commissioned for the Living Room at the size 32" x 55.75" and inspired by “A Day At The Lake”.

Original painting for The Living Room by Kim Knoll

Behind The Scenes

Putting an ink layer on an original painting
closeup of painting
Me holding up a large original painting for scale


Altogether, this project was almost 3 months of work 😅 The prints were made in Chicago, all of them were hand-painted in my studio and shipped to Amsterdam for framing.

Onto the next!


Interior and Yacht photos via The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection. These artworks are copyright protected by Kim Knoll. The artwork images may not be downloaded, copied, linked to, or edited in any manner or form.