My Favorite Frames

My Favorite Frames

I offer framed prints, but if you prefer to frame the print yourself, then this is for you! I'm sharing my favorite frames that you can easily customize online and get shipped to your door. These are professional-quality and use acid-free materials—all at an affordable price.  

Contemporary Wood Frames

Artwork: Hidden Rocks II

These wood frames fit art prints up to 40x60”. The matting that matches my art prints is Mat Type: Crescent 4Ply RagMat in the Mat Color: 2253 White. Click an image below to shop:

White Wood Contemporary Frame  Frame Destination Off-White Woodgrain Wood Frame  Frame Destination Natural Woodgrain Wood Frame  Frame Destination Dark Walnut Wood Frame  Frame Destination Grey Woodgrain Wood Frame  Frame Destination Matte Black Wood Frame

Modern Metal Frames

Artwork: In The Mist (L), In Full Bloom (R)

These metal frames fit art prints up to 40x60”. The matting that matches my art prints is Mat Type: Crescent 4Ply RagMat in the Mat Color: 2253 WhiteClick an image below to shop: 

Frame Destination White Metal Frame  Frame Destination Frosted Silver Metal Frame  Frame Destination German Silver Metal Frame  Frame Destination Gold Metal Frame  Frame Destination Dusk Metal Frame  Frame Destination Black Metal Frame 

Floating Wood Frames

Artwork: Stone Stack

Think of this framing like a shadowbox. The art print adheres to a small foam block on top of the matting, giving an illusion that the art is floating in the frame. The matting color that matches my art prints is Porcelain. Click an image below to shop:

ArtToFrames Contemporary White Floating Wood Frame   ArtToFrames Clear Stain on Maple Floating Wood Frame   ArtToFrames European Beech Floating Wood Frame   ArtToFrames Hickory Floating Wood Frame   ArtToFrames Walnut Floating Wood Frame   ArtToFrames Black Floating Wood Frame


I also share links to my favorite frames on Amazon, but they have size limitations and don't offer matting. They're great if you have a standard size print and are looking for something more off-the-shelf.

Since I'm always in need of framing for my own paintings and prints, I made this post to make your life easier! I enjoy helping others and love to share my knowledge—giving freebies along the way. I hope you've found this helpful, and maybe even the perfect frame for your print.

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Disclosure: These are affiliate links which means I will earn a small “finders fee” commission, at no extra cost to you, if you click and complete a purchase.