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Suggestions for pairing prints

Pairing Art Print by Kim Knoll

If you're considering putting art prints side by side on the same wall, pairing the right artworks together can be challenging. If you feel this way, you're not alone! To help give you some ideas, I've gathered photos of pairings that others have done with my artwork to show you some examples. There can be many combinations so don't feel like you have to stick to what you see here:


"We Are One" and "We Are Many" Art by Kim Knoll

We Are One (L) We Are Many (R) Photo and framing by On The Wall Framing


"Crossing Over" and "The Struggle Is Real" Art by Kim Knoll

Crossing Over (Top) The Struggle Is Real (Bottom), Photo by Valerie Wilcox, interior by Orsi Panos Interiors, framing by On The Wall Framing


"Letting It Go" and "Taking It In" Art by Kim Knoll

Letting It Go (L) Taking It In (R), Photo by Lorena Almeda


"Skipping Stones" and "Asleep In The Sun" Art by Kim Knoll

Skipping Stones (L) Asleep In The Sun (R)


Coastline (L) Tunnel of Ages (R)


Asleep in the Sun (L) Skipping Stones (M) The Struggle Is Real (R)


Into The Wild (L) The Mountains Are Calling (R)

 Coastal Waters I & II

Coastal Waters I (L) Coastal Waters II (R)


"It's A Beach Day #1" and "It's A Beach Day #2" Art by Kim Knoll

It's A Beach Day #1 (L) It's A Beach Day #2 (R), Photo by Adrianne Hawthorne


"Clouds" and "Making Memories" and "Into The Wild" Art by Kim Knoll

Clouds (L) Making Memories (M) Into The Wild (R), Photo by Niamh Barry


"Together Again" and "Making Memories" Art by Kim Knoll


"Daylight" and "We're Almost There" Art by Kim Knoll

Daylight (L) We're Almost There (R)

 Hidden Rocks I & II

Hidden Rocks I (L) Hidden Rocks II (R)


"Sunset #4" and "Sunset #6"" Art by Kim Knoll

Sunset #4 (L) Sunset #6 (R)


"Shoreline" and "Settling In" Art by Kim Knoll

Shoreline (L) Settling In (R)


Skipping Stones & Asleep in the Sun

Skipping Stones (L) Asleep in the Sun (R)


Settling In (L) Mossy Stones (M) Shoreline (R)


You might've noticed Crossing Over and The Struggle Is Real were rotated 90º to stack on top of each other horizontally, and Skipping Stones was rotated 90º to pair well with Asleep in the Sun. If there's an artwork you like, but it's shown in a vertical orientation and you need it to be horizontal, consider rotating it and see how you like it. It definitely takes on a different perspective, but you might like it even more! If you have questions or want to see other works paired together, just let me know. 🙋🏻‍♀️  I'm happy to help.




Suggestions for pairing prints