The San Pancho Series

The San Pancho Series

The “San Pancho Series” is a collection of 9 original paintings that were inspired by a short trip to Nayarit, Mexico with my husband and two close friends. With hilltop views of the dense jungle, endless ocean and wide-open sky, it was easy to fall in love with the area and soak up the peace and beauty that surrounded us. With each painting, my goal was to convey a lighthearted feeling mixed with tranquility and pure joy—all of which I felt in the moments that inspired this work. The soft breeze, dancing palm leaves, distant treeline, blue waters, mellow vibes, wispy clouds, rocky shoreline, ocean foam, path to town and playful antics became my main source of inspiration. The marks are intentionally expressive and run off the page to communicate an unrestrained spirit in an expansive landscape. Taking cues from the shades of water, sky and trees, the colors use contrasting tones to stimulate and relax you at the same time. My hope is that each work calms your mind and lifts your mood, inviting you to take a momentary escape from your everyday.


The Inspiration:







The Paintings:


Fools By The Pool

Fools by the Pool



Waves Of Joy



Jungle View

Jungle View



Drifting Through



Four Amigos



I Thought It Was Him



It Feels Like A Dream



Chasing Stillness



Day Blaze