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How my framed prints are packed for shipping

How my framed prints are packed for shipping

My framer takes great care packing your framed print for shipping and has thought of everything. Here's a closer look at how my framed prints are packed and what you can expect:

A cardboard box with plastic strapping on the outside

The box arrives with plastic strapping along the width and height of the box, making it easy for the courier (and you!) to carry it. The strapping also keeps the box tightly closed so there’s no chance of a corner popping open.

A cardbard box on the ground with the cover open showing another piece of cardboard as the top layer.

There's a layer of cardboard inside at the bottom and top of each box for extra support. These pieces are crucial if a box gets punctured by something since it provides another layer for something to get through.

A framed artwork upside-down inside a box with plastic strapping holding it to a cardboard sheet.

Notice how the artwork is face down? Not only is this protecting the glass, but it creates another 1.5" of space in case something punctures through the box so it doesn't reach the artwork. The artwork is tied to a cardboard sheet, custom sized to your framed print, with plastic strapping to keep it from shifting. The cardboard is larger than the artwork so if it gets dropped in shipping, any damage will happen to the cardboard and not to the artwork. 

The front of an abstract artwork with protective plastic inside of a box

Each framed print arrives with a protective plastic sheet stuck to the front of the acrylic glass to protect it from any scrapes. Simply peel this off to reveal your new favorite artwork! 😊

A small clear package with a nail and hook inside

With every framed print, a complimentary nail and hook are included in the box so all you have to do is hang it up when it arrives! Sorry, no hammers are included 🙃 If you don't have a hammer, I heard from a New Yorker that the heel of a shoe works great 👠

If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please reach out. I'm happy help.