Kim Knoll x 7 For All Mankind

Kim Knoll x 7 For All Mankind

Store images were provided by 7 For All Mankind

I had the awesome opportunity to collaborate with 7 For All Mankind, a premium denim company with retail stores around the world. It was exhilarating, nerve-wracking and smile-inducing all at the same time. 

They commissioned two original paintings for their new flagship store in Milan, Italy. The original paintings were framed and hung in the consultation area, and one print of each was made on canvas for the retail area. With both paintings, I was inspired by the shades of denim, distressed textures and marigold stitching used in 7 jeans. These paintings were done in collaboration with Camouflage, a creative company in England, for 7 For All Mankind. Prints of the paintings are also hanging in the 7 For All Mankind Berlin store. Here's a snapshot of the work:


"We Are Many" Art by Kim Knoll

We Are Many, 6.5' x 10' print on canvas



"We Are One" Art by Kim Knoll

We Are One, 6.5' x 10' print on canvas





We Are Many, 2.5' x 4' watercolor, ink and pastel original painting on paper was float mount framed and hung in the consultation area



"We Are One" Art by Kim Knoll

We Are One, 6' x 10' canvas print





"We Are Many" Art by Kim Knoll

We Are Many, 6' x 10' canvas print



Behind the scenes

Before creating a commission or a new series, I always like to create a list of things that can serve as inspiration for shapes, gestures or layers. This is the list I created and used while painting to help me think of what to paint as I went along. Each word was inspired by the traits and materials used in the denim from 7 For All Mankind's collection.



Here, I'm lightly sketching with pencil where to put the pastel marks before committing to them.



This is what my paintings in-progress look like, taped to masonite or foam core boards with painters tape to keep the paper taut and flat.



Once finished, I hung them side by side in my studio to see if any adjustments needed to be made.



I usually stand on a chair in natural light to take a photo of the final paintings to send to the client for approval. This is the last step in my process before shipping them out.



You can shop these paintings as art prints, framed prints or canvas prints, only available here on my website.

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