Kim Knoll x Chronicle Books

Kim Knoll x Chronicle Books

Chronicle Books reached out with an idea for a new product they were launching a year later called The Spells Deck. It would be a deck of 78 cards that give an all-levels guide to witchcraft for the modern mystic. They asked me to create 8 original paintings for the deck, each to represent 1 of the 8 categories. There was no hesitation on my end—how fun! And it was—I loved reading through the draft copy by Cat Cabral and learning about these modern day rituals, recipes and spells. I pulled inspiration from each category to inform the colors, shapes and composition, and to give meaning to each painting. 



The Spells Deck is available in bookstores, fine occult retailers, and major retailers like Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Free People and others. If you’re interested in purchasing the deck of cards, you can get it on Amazon using this link. Full disclosure: This is an Amazon affiliate link, meaning I get a commission (yay!) if you decide to purchase The Spells Deck through my link, at no cost to you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

You can also shop art prints, canvas prints and framed prints of these paintings, only available on my website. Take a look at the full collection of paintings or scroll for a snapshot of some behind the scenes in the making of them:



The Spells Deck was written by the talented Cat Cabral, beautifully designed by Lizzie Hunter and illustrated by me.

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