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The Coastal Collection

The Coastal Collection

Coastal is derived on the concepts of space, tranquility and escapism to bring peace inward and provide visual rest. With picturesque coasts imagined, I used shapes, glazing and color shifts to compose abstract forms and scenes that evoke a familiar feeling. Coastal headlands, sea stacks, towering cliffs and rock fragments drove many of the concepts behind this collection. 



Hideaway painting by Kim Knoll

Shown above is the Hideaway original painting from the Coastal collection. The impetus for this collection was this handful of stones I found on a beach in South Haven, Michigan.

The concepts for my paintings are usually based on my past experiences in nature, but with this collection I imagined picturesque coasts that I've never seen in person. I imagined places I'd want to go to. Those images were probably in my subconscious from photos and videos I've come across, but where they came from I don't know. It wasn't until after I finished the paintings that I tried to find images of coasts that resembled what I thought of, and to my surprise the Oregon coast was almost exactly what I had in mind, although I've never been there.

Oregon Coast

In Coastal, the coarse, natural silhouettes of rock formations are honored, the soft hues conjure a quiet calmness, and the negative space provides a moment to breathe. With each work, I aspired to achieve a sense of serenity, harmony and stillness.

me working in my studio

collage of Kim Knoll's creative process

reviewing the collection in my studio

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